Our “Triple Your Grant (“Promotion”) is subject to, at the Vendor and Builder’s absolute discretion, the following terms and conditions: –

  1. The Promotion commences on 1 September 2020 until 31 December 2020. The Vendor and Builder reserves the right to withdraw the Promotion at any time without notice;
  2. The Promotion is available to:
    • The first ten (10) purchasers who enter into an unconditional Contract of Sale with the Vendor for lots located in the Skylark Rise, Melton South before 31 December 2020;
    • Purchasers who apply and qualify for the First Home Owners Grant, being the sum of $10,000 (as current at the date of this Promotion) as payable by the Victorian Government to the Purchaser. Purchasers should make their own enquires as to their eligibility and refer to sro.vic.gov.au for further information. The Vendor makes no representations as to whether a Purchaser qualifies for the First Home Owners Grant;
    • Purchasers over the age of 18 years and must not be a foreign purchaser;
    • Purchasers must sign a Building Contract with Kingsbridge Homes for the construction of a dwelling on the lot sold in Skylark Rise Estate, Melton South before settlement of the land.
    • Purchasers must effect settlement of the Contract of Sale and the Building Contract and not be in breach of any of the provisions in the Contracts. The Purchaser must obtain finance and valuation approval from a financial institution approved by the Vendor. The Vendor is not liable for or responsible for any finance approval required.
  3. Upon the Purchaser satisfying clause 2 herein, the Purchaser will receive the sum of $20,000 in total from the Vendor and/or Kingsbridge Homes as a deduction to be applied to the Land Contract and/or Build Contract, the allocation of monies will be determined by the Vendor and Kingsbridge Homes and notified in writing to the Purchaser by the settlement date of the Contract of Sale.
  4. The Vendor and Builder accepts no responsibility for any tax liabilities that may arise from you receiving this Promotion. To the extent permitted by law, the Vendor denies any liability for any loss or damage whatsoever (including but not limited to direct, indirect, special or consequential loss or damage, loss of revenue or profit) and or personal injury suffered or sustained in connection with this Promotion.
  5. All other terms and conditions in the Contract of Sale and Building Contract apply. If there is any inconsistency between these terms and the Contract of Sale and Building Contract, then the Contract of Sale and Building Contract will prevail. This offer is not in conjunction with any other offer. The Promotion may only be claimed once by the Purchaser.
  6. This Promotion is also subject to the Purchaser complying with all obligations under the Building Contract, including but not limited to, attending to all stage payments and completing/settling the Building Contract. If the Purchaser breaches any provisions of the Building Contract, then the Promotion will be forfeited and Kingsbridge Homes will not pay the Promotion to the Purchaser. If the Purchaser breaches the Building Contract, then the Purchaser must reimburse Kingsbridge Homes and the Vendor any part payment of the Promotion within seven (7) days of any demand.
  7. The Vendor and Builder reserves the right to vary the terms and conditions of this Promotion at any time without any notice. This promotion is not in conjunction with any other offer.
  8. The promotion is governed by the law of the State of Victoria, Australia